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Client Engagement Coaching

Lead Your Clients to Legendary Results
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Working with humans (the technical term for clients) is tough work. Just ask Doctors, Day Care Workers, & Insane Asylum Personnel. You can be the most knowledgable expert, but getting clients to engage, take action, troubleshoot their results, and win takes a very specific skillset. And the only teacher of that skillset has been cold hard experience.

Until now.



Change Agent

Hi, I’m Tony Banta

And I’m the Client Whisperer™. I’ve spend over a decade leading multiple 6 and 7-figure client businesses and I’ve learned that success in a client business comes down to one thing. Leadership.

I want you to feel like the brilliant leader you are, genuinely enjoy working with your clients, gain the respect you deserve and be a Legendary Client Leader™.

And my team and I are here to help.

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“You don’t need anyone’s permission to start leading your clients, just a vision for Their better tomorrow.”

–Tony Banta

The MasterClass

4 Steps to Legendary Results

There is no doubt your expertise has layers of complication. The process of engaging your clients should simplify your client’s experience. We’ll show you the 4 critical control points, how to win with clients during each one, and even give you our LeaderScripts™ so you can just insert your genius, rinse and repeat.

How to Coach

Our exact script for conducting a coaching session. Just insert your genius here.


How to hold a client accountable without using shame or pushing them away.


Most results don’t happen on the first try. Troubleshooting your clients’ results is an art.


Clients stay, buy more, and refer because you help them become a better version of themselves.

Manage Client Exceptions

One of These Things Doesn’t Belong

Client exceptions are one of the riskiest clients you’ll encounter. It starts with them feeling different than your norms. They’ll ask for additional support, extra resources, different boundards, and more attention. Sometimes this is what they need. (Most of the time it’s not.) But how you handle these exceptions will determine if they turn into successful clients, or permanent nightmares. We’ve designed a worksheet for you to manage these clients without fear.